March 2017

March is upon us at Post 419 and I personally hope that all of the Post family are feeling well and haven’t been
impacted by the current tragedies with the rain and flooding that has occurred in our area. My best wishes go
out to anyone who may have been affected.
A few of the events which are coming up at Post 419 are listed in this newsletter so please read carefully. Two
event being held in March will be the First Sunday breakfast is on March 5, 2017 and the St Patrick Dinner Dance
on March 17, 2017 it is my hope many of our members will be in attendance.
Honor Flight Bay Area will be beginning their meetings held here at the Post. The first orientation meeting will
be on March 26, 2017. There is information about Honor Flight at the Post on the table by the front door to the
hall for anyone interested or go to their website ( The schedule for 2017 flights is
available now for those who may wish to attend either a departure or return flight.