Santa Clara Post 419

Honoring Veterans With A Final Salute

The Honor Guard is comprised of Legion members from different Posts in District 13 to "render honors" to Veterans who have passed away or to post Colors at various ceremonies.   The District 13 Honor Guard is staffed mostly, if not all, by Post 419 Legion members.  They spend many hours, often with little advance notice, to appear at funerals and ceremonies to properly represent and honor our Veterans.  There is no fee for this service as it is an Honor.

If you are in need of the Honor Guard for military honors (e.g. graveside) or if you wish to rent our hall (building manager), please Contact Us as soon as possible.  


In Memorium 2021 - Thank You for Your Service

Dual Members

Jim Hoogesteger (February 2021)  Army.  Jim was a dual member of the Legion as well as a member of the Son’s.  He held the position of Squadron Commander in the Son’s and at one time was the Sgt at Arms for the Legion.


Tony LePres (February 2021) Air Force

Douglas D. Allen (2020) Marines





J Ballejos - April 2020

Diana Quinn - August 2020 - served food at the Post's monthly First Sunday Breakfasts tirelessly.

Carolyn Seeger - October 2020 


Please Contact Us to advise if other members of the Legion Family have passed away in 2021.