Santa Clara Post 419

Roster of District Posts

The following is a list of American Legion Posts within our District 13 (Santa Clara County).  The Post number was assigned when the Post was formed and is a way to tell which is the oldest Post!  For example, our Santa Clara Post 419 was formed before Mission City Post 564 in Santa Clara.  Sometimes a Post will have a newer number, like Moffett Field Post 881, which was older than all in this county but now has a new number because the Post closed and then re-opened years later with a new number!  

Flag Boxes at Posts.  Old, faded, and worn American Flags may be properly "retired" and deposited in special "flag boxes" located at outside entrances of most of the Posts.  These flag boxes look like old street corner postal boxes.  The flags are then gathered and properly destroyed at an annual flag-burning ceremony on Flag Day, June 14th at Oak Hill Cemetary in San Jose.  This is a great event to bring the family every year to learn the proper respect for the symbol of our Nation.

West Valley Memory Post 99

Gilroy Post 217

Willow Glen Post 318

Santa Clara Post 419 

Los Altos Post 558

Mission City Post 564 (the bingo Post)

Moffett Field Post 881